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Londonheute - die ultimativen Seiten über London auf deutsch

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BBC Online - Londonlive - Travel and Weather - jam cam sequences

Welcome to The National Gallery, London

Welcome to The British Museum

Virtual London -=- The No. One London Internet Guide

The Towerbridge Experience

The Natural History Museum, London, England

The London Eye

The London Dungeon

The British Monarchy

Science Museum of London


Original London walks

National Maritime Museum

Museum of London

Madame Tussaud`s Wachsfigurenkabinet

London on the cheap - tips for saving money :-)

Imperial War Museum

HMS Belfast

BBC Online Homepage - Welcome

"Tidings were brought to King Harold, and he gathered then the great host and came towards him at the Hoar Apple Tree, and William came against him unawares ere his people were mustered. But the King nevertheless withstood him very bravely with the men that would follow him, and there was a mighty slaughter wrought on both sides. There was slain King Harold and his brothers, the Earls Leofwine and Gyrth, and many good men, and the Frenchmen held the place of slaughter."
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The mist of history - surrounding ancient Britain - is grouped around:
The Battle of Hastings in 1066 - The King will guide You

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- in general all enthusiasts doing a great job by developing and supporting free software -
This site was written by exclusively using this.

Special thanks to Stefan Münz and his partners, which wrote (and keep current !) the german HTML-Bible SELFHTML - the Energy of Understanding 8-).
Big thanks to the developers of the GIMP (GNU Image manipulating program) - available in many languages for many systems.

They all and many more keep high the flag of free software - very sympathic :-) ...

and last but not least - all Londoners :-)

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what i remember:

I met him inside the Prince Alfred (London / England) in the middle of june in 1997 (on a sunday), having some pints and talking about everything. He should be about 48 years now (in 2001). He's very interested in music and especially likes Germany (at the beginning Seventies he spent a long time in Germany - e.g. in Hamburg, how i remember), but he lost any knowledge about the german language (it was a long time ago ...). He told me, this was the best time of his life. In that time, i met him, he hadn't any knowledge about computers, but his son had ;-), he told me. The son used AOL that time. Andrew was a participant of the Marathon race in Berlin, when Germany reunited in 1990.
When i met him, he weard long hair (You know - the old fashioned style ;-)). If You have a clue where he is located, please mail me for getting contact again under Andrew.

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that's german law :-( / deutsches Recht :-(

basicly the following means, that you might be responsible for the content of sites, You link to, if You don't declare the opposite - that's what i'm doing here (of course the content of linked pages is subject to change by the owner only - everybody knows ;-))...

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